Tips to keep your AC up and running for a longer run

With every summer season, Air Conditioners become our best friends. Here we are to share some tips that will help your unit to function properly in the extreme summers.  Ensure that you have the right air filters Air filters have a lot of roles to play: they increase the quality of indoor air so that... Continue Reading →

Because savings are important

“Saving on something is good, but saving on everything is better” Zopper Rewards Platform is best known as a coupon platform, the best place to find great offers. Whether you're looking for food, fashion, or anything else; ZRP offers you the best deals and coupons. Our aim is to build a generation of smart shoppers... Continue Reading →

Are Air Purifiers worth the buy?

Owing to the alarming levels of air pollution in major cities around the country, owning an air purifier is a logical decision. If ignored, the polluted air may lead to developing respiratory disorders and can also be very harmful to people who suffer from respiratory problems. Therefore, it makes sense to have an air purifier... Continue Reading →

Because buying iPhone12 isn’t enough

Founded in 1976, Apple began with personal computers and now makes everything ranging from desktops, laptops to portable media players. The consumer electronics giant made its entry with smartphones in the market in 2007 when they launched the iPhone. Ever since there is no stopping to the up gradation and new models introduced by Apple.... Continue Reading →

Zopper Assure

Flagship extended warranty product of Zopper, now comes with an exclusive personal accident coverage What does the plan offer? Zopper Assure Extended Warranty replicates the manufacturer's warranty for an extended period of time and also offers an extensive add-on coverage including hardware and electrical failures that are not included in the manufacturer's warranty.     It can be... Continue Reading →

Screen Secure

Zopper Screen Secure covers Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Desktops, and Televisions for a duration of one year from the purchase date of the device or till the expiry of the manufacturer warranty. If the Front Screen/ TouchPad (also called Front Touch Screen) is damaged, shattered, broken or cracked, or suffers liquid damage, Zopper shall arrange for... Continue Reading →

Home Suraksha

Home Suraksha covers all manufacturing defects that are covered under manufacturer warranty during the purchase of your appliance, i.e. mechanical & functional issues. This plan is for the devices that are no longer under any manufacturer warranty and can be bought for devices of any brand that should be up to 10 years of age.... Continue Reading →

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