Is buying an Extended Warranty worth it?

Buying any electronic device always involves a lot of research and checking reviews, since it is not every day that you buy an electronic appliance or gadget.  Keeping in mind the precious amount of money and time you invest in buying an electronic appliance, we are here to suggest you the best way to keep your electronic devices and gadgets secure for a longer period. 

Almost every device that you buy comes with a warranty, but what is it that you are going to do once the original warranty expires and your device goes for a toss? Are you ready to pay the visit fee, repair charges and buy expensive spare parts? 

Well, guess the answer is No. So, here is a solution for you. You can buy an Extended Warranty along with manufacturer warranty. The Extended Warranty usually replicates the manufacturer’s warranty and gives you all its benefits for a longer period of time. The Extended Warranty usually covers the mechanical or electrical breakdown of any electronic device or appliance. 

Does Extended Warranty buy you peace of mind?

Yes, it sure does. It’s also important to realize that most breakdowns for reasons of “manufacturing defects” occur after the completion of the manufacturer’s warranty– and thus costing you expensive repairs and a lot of hassle.

How to make the most of your savings? 

Zopper offers Zopper Assure Extended Warranty, which is a replica of the manufacturer’s Warranty for consumer durables. The Extended Warranty protects your valuable products for up to five years against all-electric, electronic and mechanical problems. During the Extended Warranty, Zopper will repair the device without any additional charges.      


Zopper Assure Extended Warranty would commence the day after the brand’s manufacturing Warranty expires on appliances. You can register yourself with Zopper to activate your Extended Warranty.  

What is covered

The Extended Warranty covers all electrical & mechanical defects or breakdowns. You will get the repairs of the products free of cost. Zopper will get the product repaired free of cost from Authorized Service Centres using new & genuine parts.

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