Device Secure

Because buying appliances is not enough!

Buying a new home appliance or an electronic device is generally a well-thought process, starting from thinking to buy an appliance, followed by deciding a budget for the same, then selecting the brand and model and finally buying it. We invest both money and time in it since most of the appliances are an expensive deal. So, in order to keep that expensive deal intact and give you peace of mind, we offer you extended warranty which is effective right after the manufacturer’s warranty ends.

About Device Secure

Device Secure is a one year plan specifically designed to cater to your device repair requirements at a very cost-effective price. You can select up to 5 home appliances/electronic devices you would want to cover in case of a breakdown or functional defect. Under the plan, you will be provided with free visits by engineers from Brand Authorised Service Centres for repairs. Alongside this, you will get the unlimited free pick and drop for small devices (i.e. mixer, grinder, mobile phones, trimmer, etc.). Spares will be chargeable to the customer (20% discount available on all spares). Maintenance services of any kind will not be covered in the plan. A total of no more than 5 devices can be covered under this plan.


1. Unlimited Free Service Visits: Zopper guarantees unlimited free service visits throughout the coverage period, in case any of a breakdown in any of the covered devices, via Brand Authorised Service Centres

2. Cashless: The program is completely cashless without any hidden fees or charges

3. Authorized Service Centres: All repairs or service visits is carried out only via Brand Authorised Service Centres

4. Genuine Spare Parts: Zopper guarantees the usage of only genuine spare parts while repairing the covered devices

5. Unlimited Free Pick and Drop: Device Secure comes with unlimited free pick and drop for any small appliances or mobile phones covered by the customer

6. No Hidden Charges: No technician visit charges, no labour charges. Customer pays only for the spare part/parts, if required

7. Additional Discounts: Customer can avail an additional 20% discount on spares  

Purchase Window

Device Secure can be brought for all home appliances/ electronic devices/ mobile phones irrespective of age or brand.

Coverage Start Date

The coverage of Device Secure starts from the day of purchasing the plan itself.


Device Secure can be cancelled within 15 days of purchase without giving any reason whatsoever and will get 100% refund.

Coverage Tenure

Device Secure covers 5 devices for a period of one year from the date of purchase of the plan.

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