Home Suraksha

Home Suraksha covers all manufacturing defects covered under manufacturer warranty during the purchase of any appliance(s), either mechanical & functional issues. This plan is for the devices that are no longer under any manufacturer warranty and can be bought for devices of any brand that should be up to 10 years of age. Zopper will get the devices repaired by a Brand Authorized Service Centers. The coverage term of the plan is one year, and you have a choice to cover any of your devices from the select categories. A minimum of 1 and a maximum of 3 devices can be covered under Home Suraksha. Further, the plan will only cover devices purchased initially in India and have a minimum one-year valid manufacturer’s warranty at the time of purchase.

Please note, the plan does not cover physical or liquid damage of any kind. Home Suraksha is for domestic home-based devices only; commercial devices are not covered under this plan. Also, the plan does not cover devices based on business/ commercial premises.

Device categories covered

Home Suraksha covers the below device/appliance categories irrespective of any Brand:

1. Television

2. Air Conditioner

3. Refrigerator

4. Washing Machine

5. Microwave

6. Water Purifier

Coverage Period

Home Suraksha provides coverage for one year from the date of activation of the plan.

Key benefits

1. Coverage: Home Suraksha only covers any mechanical or functional issues of the covered device. Any physical or liquid damage to the device is not covered.

2. Cashless: The plan is entirely cashless without hidden fees or charges.

3. Free Home Visit: Zopper provides a free home visit by a Brand Authorized Service Centre engineer if the covered device breaks down.

4. No Paperwork: Home Suraksha comes without any cumbersome documentation process.

5. 50% BER Coverage: In case any of the covered devices is beyond economical repair or cannot be repaired due to non-availability of spares or any other reason. Zopper shall reimburse the customer 50% of the coverage amount for which the plan had been bought.

For example, if the plan has been bought for a coverage amount of 25,000 rupees, Zopper will reimburse 12,500 rupees to your bank account.

6. Zero Excess or Surcharge: The repairs are not subject to excess or surcharge of any kind.

7. Brand Authorized Service Centres: All repairs under Home Suraksha are carried out via Brand Authorised Service Centres only.

8. Genuine Spare Parts Only: Only Genuine and Brand Authorized spares are used to repair the covered device.

9. Repair Of Devices Not Covered under Home Suraksha: Even if a device doesn’t qualify to be covered by the Home Suraksha Plan as it doesn’t clear the survey process, it can still be repaired customer bearing cost only for spares. Zopper shall bear all labour and service charges.

10. SLA: All repairs for devices covered under Home Suraksha shall be carried out within 21 working days from the receipt and acceptance of a valid service request raised by the customer.

Purchase window or age of the covered device

Home Suraksha can be bought to cover any of the prescribed devices no longer than ten years old on the date of purchase of the plan.

Coverage start date

The coverage of Home Suraksha starts from the day the plan has been activated.


Zopper Home Suraksha covers only mechanical and functional issues of a covered device for one year. The coverage provided is an absolute replica of the manufacturer warranty.

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