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Screen Secure

Zopper Screen Secure covers Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Desktops, and Televisions for one year from the device’s purchase date or till the expiry of the manufacturer warranty. Damages like shattered, broken or cracked screen(s), or liquid damage to the Front Screen/ Touchpad (also called Front Touch Screen). In those cases, Zopper shall arrange to repair or replace the front screen via Brand Authorized Service Centers, via at-home visit, or free Pick-And-Drop. Customers can take the claim only one time throughout the coverage period.

Screen Secure can be bought only on the same day along with the device.

Key Benefits

1. Coverage: Screen Secure only covers any physical or liquid damage to the screen of a covered device, for one year from the device’s purchase date or till the expiry of the manufacturer warranty, whichever is earlier.

2. Cashless: The plan is entirely cashless without hidden fees or charges.

3. Free Pick and Drop or Home Visit: Zopper provides a free pick and drops service for the device from customer location or home visit for repairs, based on the covered device.

4. No Paperwork: Screen Secure comes without any cumbersome documentation process. The customer is not required to submit extensive forms.

5. Zero Depreciation: Zopper shall arrange for repair or replacement of the damaged screen; there is no depreciation of any kind.

6. Zero Excess or Surcharge: The repairs are not subject to excess or surcharge of any kind. The customer experience is cashless.

7. Brand Authorised Service Centres: All repairs under Screen Secure are carried out via Brand Authorised Service Centres only.

8. Genuine Spare Parts only: Only Genuine and Brand spares are used to repair or replace the damaged screen of the covered device.

10. SLA: All repairs for devices covered under Screen Secure shall be carried out within 14 working days from the receipt and acceptance of a valid service request raised by the customer.

Purchase Window

Screen Secure can be purchased only on the same day and with the device. No Post-purchase is allowed.

Coverage Start Date

The coverage of Screen Secure starts from the day the plan has been bought, viz. purchase date of the covered device.


Screen Secure covers the screen of the covered device, for one-time repair, during the coverage period. If damaged, it shall be repaired or replaced via Brand Authorised Service Centres. This is a one-time benefit plan only, and the plan shall expire post a successful claim for a covered device.

BER (Beyond Economical Repair)

If a device covered under Screen Secure is beyond economical repair, viz. the repair or replacement of the device’s screen is no longer feasible due to non-availability of spares or any other reasons, the estimated cost of the screen for the covered device shall be reimbursed to the customer. The said amount shall be subjected to “Fair Market Value” at the time of the claim. (Fair Market Value is the value of the screen at the time of the claim).


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