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Protect your phone from unwanted damages

In this era of advanced technology, where everything is a few taps away, Smart Phones are not only an indulgence but have become vital. Since phones have become such an integral part of our lives, having an insurance plan to secure our phones is highly recommended.

Instead of frenzying when you accidently spill water over your phone or you drop your phone by chance. You can be rest assured that your phone is covered if you have bought a mobile insurance plan. Considering the versatility of this palm sized device from calling to texting to entertainment ranging from mid to high price tags, even the most minor repair costs way too much and can make a hole in your pocket.

Due to the small size and a delicate built, a phone has higher odds of breaking or damaging. With technological advancement, mobiles have become sleeker and fragile even a minor slip-out of the hand can lead to expensive repairs. Therefore, Mobile Phone insurance becomes an excellent deal for you to reduce the cost of repairs and save money.

Although most phones come with a manufacturer’s warranty, they do not cover accidental damages. It only covers the phone for defects in artistry or materials. It means you cannot file a claim under warranty if your phone happens to slip on the floor or gets wet. This is the reason why it is crucial to have mobile phone insurance.

You are thinking of how to get your phone protected? Let us help you. Zed Secure is a complete protection plan for your Smartphones and Tablets. The plan covers all accidental and liquid damages and gives you peace of mind.

Why Zed Secure?

Zero Excess: Comes without any excess or file charges or service fees of any kind, even during the 12th month term.

Comprehensive Coverage: Covers everything, including spare parts cost, transportation cost, technician visit charges, labour charges etc.

Free Pick and Drop & Genuine Spare Parts:  Free pick up, repair, and return of the device to-and-fro customer location will be arranged. Brand Authorised repair means Genuine Spare Parts and continuation of Brand Warranty.

Zero Documentation:  This does not require any cumbersome documentation, forms etc., thus making the claim process incredibly convenient and hassle-free.              


The Zed Secure provides complete protection for Smartphones and Tablets for one year from the purchase date.

When you protect your mobile phone from possible damage, you will end up saving yourself a lot of money. You should protect your phone, just as you would protect your other expensive products, like a home or car.


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