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Are Air Purifiers worth the buy?

Owing to the alarming levels of air pollution in major cities around the country, owning an air purifier seems to be a logical decision. If ignored, the polluted air may stir-up respiratory disorders and be very harmful to people who suffer from respiratory problems. Therefore, it seems right to have an air purifier at home to take care of allergies usually brought from season change. But at the same time, owning an air purifier comes with its pros and cons. So, let us help you with the decision-making process:


Here are some of the facts you would like to know before buying an air purifier:

  1. Odourless Atmosphere

Air purifiers allow you to keep your surroundings free from unwanted scents. Anything rancid from dirty socks to a chaotic trash stink is gone when you use an air purifier. You could similarly dispose of the kitchen smells that stay for long. And when you arrive home after a long day at work, the atmosphere is even more delightful.

  1. Everyone Loves a Smoke free Environment

If there is any smoker in your house, an air purifier is convenient and practical gadget. It helps you remain unaffected by the smoke. It is a blessing for you if you don’t have an isolated smoke zone in your living space. Air purifiers reduce the danger of uninvolved smoking in households with youthful kids and elderly individuals.

  1. Dispose of Unstable Organic Composites

Most cancer-causing mediators are in volatile structures scattered unnoticeably all around in the form of gasses. For example, these gasses can be from paints and polish fumes accountable for causing cancer. The Carbon passages actuated in Air Purifiers dispose-off these gasses.

  1. Air Purifiers are energy efficient

Air Purifiers are an effective way to make your home ventilated, warmer, and less dependent on other energy provisions, even during winters. An Air Purifier aids to curb overall expenditures spent on other energy-based utilities.

  1. Keeping allergies at bay

Pets are a big responsibility to take on at home. There may be a strong pet odour hung in the air as well. Let’s not overlook the germs they bring from the outdoor. If you are sensitive to dust or are Asthmatic, living with pets might turn into a tricky situation. With an Air purifier installed at home, you will find no issues in cuddling with your pets. Even so you would not even need a room freshener to get rid of the putrid smell every once in a while.


What appears to be a promising solution for air conditioning turns out to be a pressing concern for the atmosphere. There are specific reasons to consider whether Air Purifiers are an appropriate alternative for our homes or not? Some other disadvantages of Air Purifiers you’ll have to watch out for are listed below.

  1. Overhead Maintenance

It sounds bizarre, but Air purifiers require maintenance, which can be unpredictably expensive. For as long as you have one installed in your home, you’ll have to be cautious with its upkeep as its effectiveness will majorly rely on how functional you keep its parts and peripherals. Bearing in mind a replacement would not solve any problem. Instead, it would be an additional expense. Vacuuming and changing the filters can turn out to be pricey, and this has to be well-timed.

  1. Performance Lag

No Air Purifier works with an efficiency of 100%, despite brands claiming that their devices are up to the mark. Some cleaners will eliminate smoke or odour and flop at tackling germs and allergens from your home. The efficiency of air purifiers wears out as they age; also, filters are inclined to trap less and fewer germs as they get blocked with other locked-in particles over time. Relying solely on a machine would not be a good idea.

  1. Ozone Discharges

These discharges may seem hard to notice; the more unconditioned a room is, the more releases would be there in your Place. As said before, a mix of harmful gases would be hazardous to you and your pets’ health. Effects of Ozone gas on human health consist of shortness of breath, coughing, chest congestion, and other respiratory diseases.

  1. An array of Fungi and Bacteria

What happens when all the germs are eventually collected in a trap inside the filters and left unprocessed? These filters can turn into a seamless breeding place for germs. The grouped tiny organisms can rapidly multiply to bounce back into your room. Hence, people are uncertain whether to own an air purifier or go natural.

  1. UV Rays

UV rays in a filter destroy all the particulate matter that passes through it. UV technology is generally combined with air filters to achieve effectiveness and maximum air quality. Facts are also surprising for humans as the filter fixed with UV technology also be likely to break the oxygen and water molecules into ozone and hydroxyl. The broken-down components will react with other contaminants and become even more harmful.

There is nothing more apparent than facing the fact practically. Air quality worsens while people are and researchers are looking for solutions. Given the drawbacks of air purifiers, don’t make them entirely useless. A perfect air purifier can save your money and effort too. Suitable investment and maintenance are always worth it.


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