Because savings are important

“Saving on something is good, but saving on everything is better”

Zopper Rewards Platform is best known as a coupon platform, the best place to find great offers. Whether you’re looking for food, fashion, or anything else; ZRP offers you the best deals and coupons. Our aim is to build a generation of smart shoppers by empowering consumers to make the best possible choices. We sweeten everyday deals and try to make online shopping more rewarding.

We have multiple coupons for each consumer, so you can browse and find the one best for you. Additionally, we provide free access to Zee5 for entertainment and ClickAstro android app subscription to get daily horoscope and predictions.  

How to use it?

At ZRP, finding Coupon codes are very easy. It saves your money and gives you a hassle-free experience.

1. Open ZRP App

2. Search for the coupons you wish to have.

3. Click on “get coupon code” to reveal your coupon code.

4. Copy this code and paste it at the checkout when you finish your shopping to enjoy the mentioned discount.

* The coupons and deals keep on changing on daily basis.

Other Benefits:

Depending on the plan opted, and the program as decided by the partners, ZRP members also get various insurance benefits like Term Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance, Hospicash Insurance, Covid Insurance etc. The premium for these plans is paid by Zopper to Insurers while the member gets these benefits included as part of the ZRP plan that they purchase!

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