Tips to keep your AC up and running for a longer run

With every summer season, Air Conditioners become our best friends. Here we are to share some tips that will help your unit to function properly in the extreme summers. 

Ensure that you have the right air filters

Air filters have a lot of roles to play: they increase the quality of indoor air so that you and your family are able to breathe effortlessly and stay fit for a long time. The filter also helps in protecting the equipment from damage by averting dirt build-up.

A nice and clean air filter makes certain that air flows generously through the cooling system which guarantees that the air conditioner operates optimally. On the other hand, a muddy and blocked filter makes it difficult for the conditioner to work. The dirty filter also results in the air conditioner consuming 15% more energy than it’s supposed to.

To evade these problems it’s proposed that you clean or replace air filters monthly throughout the cooling seasons.

Take care of the coils

The evaporator coil and external condenser coil accumulate dirt over time which inhibits airflow such that they don’t captivate enough heat to cool your home. To be on the safe side you should clean your coils once a year. The best time to purchase the coils is in spring before the cooling season begins and before the heating season starts.

Straighten the fins

Aluminum fins on the conditioners typically get bent which results in obstruction of an airflow across the coils. To improve airflow it’s recommended that you regularly straighten the fins.

The best tool to use is a fin comb. When straightening, you should also clean the fins. Here you should clear any lawn cuttings, debris, or shrubbery that might be around the external unit.

Clean condensate drains

Dirty and blocked condensate drains to aid in accumulative humidity and decreasing the ability of the cooling system to regulate airborne moisture. To increase the performance of your air conditioner, you should use a pipe cleaner or a stiff wire to clean the condensate drain channel.

If you are unable to clean the drains, you can put in a new house humidity control system.

Take a look at the window seal

To confirm that the air indoors remains cool and it does not escape out of the window, you should take a look at the seal between your conditioner and the window frame and ensure that it’s intact and in contact with the metal unit. If the seal is not intact, you should replace it immediately.

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