Device Secure Gold

Device Secure Gold is a premium plan designed to give your appliances a longer life. Under the plan, you can cover unlimited devices for repair and also avail maintenance on 2 appliances of your choice. For the maintenance of appliances, customers will have to select any two devices. You will be provided with free visits... Continue Reading →

Device Secure

Because buying appliances is not enough! Buying a new home appliance or an electronic device is generally a well-thought process, starting from thinking to buy an appliance, followed by deciding a budget for the same, then selecting the brand and model and finally buying it. We invest both money and time in it since most... Continue Reading →

5 Tips on the Appliance Extended Warranty

Every time you go out for buying a new appliance you end up making another choice - Whether to buy Extended Warranty or not? The Extended Warranty is a repair contract for an extended duration after the manufacturer warranty expires. This may be offered by the manufacturer itself, or by a third party company which... Continue Reading →

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