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Home Suraksha

Home Suraksha covers all manufacturing defects covered under manufacturer warranty during the purchase of any appliance(s), either mechanical & functional issues. This plan is for the devices that are no longer under any manufacturer warranty and can be bought for devices of any brand that should be up to 10 years of age. Zopper will... Continue Reading →

Device Secure Gold

Device Secure Gold is a premium plan designed to give your appliances a longer life. Under the plan, you can cover unlimited devices for repairing and two appliances of your choice for maintenance . You will be provided with free visits by engineers from Brand Authorized Service Centers for repairs. Alongside, you will get an... Continue Reading →

Device Secure

Because buying appliances is not enough! Buying a new home appliance or an electronic device is generally a well-thought process, starting from choice of an appliance to budget further selecting the brand and model and finally bringing it home. We invest both money and time since most appliances are expensive. So, to keep that expensive... Continue Reading →

5 Tips on the Appliance Extended Warranty

Every time you go out for buying a new appliance, you end up making another choice - Whether to buy an Extended Warranty or not? The Extended Warranty is a repair contract for an extended duration after the manufacturer warranty expires. This may be offered by the manufacturer itself or by a third party company... Continue Reading →

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